WITS puts you in the driver’s seat.

Waste Information Technology System (WITS) is a state-of-art data collection and analysis application that gives you real-time operating data, down to the individual truck and container.

Watch it happen with actual operating data and metrics, at your fingertips.

Diagnose problems and act on solutions - right now.

Track trucks and containers

WITS offers continuous digital tracking of your trucks and containers.

Compare current and past performance. Filter and compare data by best, average, and poor performances - as it’s happening.

Make changes based on data, re-route trucks on the fly, and watch as changes are implemented and problems are solved.


Monitor high-value locations

WITS works with you to establish virtual boundaries around high-value locations: high-traffic zones, landfills, key customer locations, yards and service areas.

Track and compare activity in these locations and see where you’re losing valuable time.


Get in the driver’s seat

Use the full power of WITS to troubleshoot and resolve problems on the fly.

WITS alerts you of potential problems - as they happen. Use our ride-along photo gallery to visually retrace routes and investigate alert events. Check in on any route, any event, at any time.

See the problem, define the solution, and take action. Right now.


Transform your productivity

WITS starts where everyone else ends.

Don't settle for historical performance data. Experience the real-time, interactive management power to achieve your productivity goals.

With precise time, location, distance, weight and work metrics, you’re empowered to automatically measure asset utilization rates and productivity standards to continuously improve performance and profit margins.


What if your trucks could be profit centers?

WITS data fabric maintains a complete picture of your operations, allowing you to:

  • See gross profit margin and cash generated - for every truck
  • Compare real historical data and performance, by truck or by fleet
  • Buy trucks and containers based on accurate usage and repair history
  • Price based on actual operating cost by route
  • Set ROI targets

Knowledge is power.

Combine GPS locations with operational data to calculate performance dynamically. Be ready to act now to save your business time and money.

Empower your company using continuous smart data collection with WITS.

See how WITS works.


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